CCK: Special Fundraising for COVID-19 Response (Feb. 24-Apr. 30, 2020)
1. COVID-19 Special Fundraising – Status
2. COVID-19 Special Fundraising Stories – Four Cases
3. Future Tasks
1. COVID-19 Special Fundraising – Status
Funds raised: KRW 107.98 billion (approx. USD 89,313,482)

※ Among 3 major nonprofits that were authorized to actively run COVID-19 response campaign, CCK raised the largest fund at the level of USD $89M. The other two organizations are Korea Disaster Relief Association (KRW 95.1 billion or approx. USD 78,660,050) and the Korea Red Cross (KRW 77.3 billion or approx. USD 63,937,138).

※ CCK’s ability to deal with social disasters has been further strengthened.

- The Korea Disaster Relief Association and the Korean Red Cross mostly focused on material support, such as relief kits, while CCK focused on welfare services and programs, including living expenses for families in crisis and meals for the homeless. - CCK’s accountable operation model gained trust, as it provided support for the private emergency relief system, through its network with various welfare institutions, social economy organizations, grassroots organizations, disaster response agencies, and volunteer centers in local communities.

Major Gifts
☞ Individual giving (50 individuals donated over KRW 100 million each): KRW 9.81 billion (approx. USD 8,120,861)
☞ Corporate giving (165 companies): KRW 42.94 billion (approx. USD 35,546,358)
○ Jan. 20, 2020 First COVID-19 case reported in Korea. The Korean government raises its infectious-disease alert to Yellow (Level 2, Watch).
○ Feb. 23, 2020 Infectious-disease alert raised to Red, the highest level (Level 4, Warning). Daegu and Cheongdo in North Gyeongsang Province designated as “special infectious disease control regions” for intensive control.
○ Feb. 24, 2020 CCK begins its special fundraising for COVID-19.
○ Mar. 5, 2020 CCK holds a meeting to establish plans to provide assistance in relation to COVID-19.
○ Mar. 6, 2020 CCK’s board of directors goes through written deliberation of special fundraising allocation plans to deal with damage from COVID-19.
○ Apr. 30, 2020 The CCK concludes its COVID-19 special fundraising.
2. COVID-19 Special Fundraising Stories
Case 1) The 1339 Nationwide Giving Campaign, led by citizens
Youth Hope Community Daegu, a group consisting of local youth organizations and civic societies, launched the 1339 Nationwide Donation Campaign on social media to assist in reducing the damage from COVID-19. Named after the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hotline number, the 1339 Campaign was a relay campaign in which citizens made voluntary donations (KRW 1,339 or a little over USD 1) and encouraged three friends to do the same.
☞ Over 52,000 donations were made, raising approx. KRW 77 million or approx. USD 63,742.
아래내용 참조
Your donation of KRW 1,339 gives life to *Daegu.
* Daegu: a city in Korea that was most seriously hit by COVID-19
Case 2) Online fundraising “Together with Kakao”
Total amount raised: KRW 701,104,475 (approx. USD 579,904) by 110,434 citizens Online donations from citizens also continued. Over 110,000 people donated through Kakao’s online crowdfunding platform “Together with Kakao”, raising over KRW 700 million (approx. USD 579,470).
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Case 3) Generous gifts from High-Net-Worth Individuals
Society leaders made large gifts to support COVID-19 response and prevent further spread, putting noblesse oblige into practice. Lee Joon-yong, Honorary Chairman of Daelim Industrial gave KRW 2 billion (approx. USD 1.6 million), and Kim Beom-soo, Chairman of Daum Kakao donated 11,000 Kakao shares that worth KRW 1.7 billion (approx. USD 1.4 million).
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Case 4) Community Chest of Gyeonggi’s campaign- The Disaster Basic Income Giving Program
Community Chest of Gyeonggi launched a campaign called “The Disaster Basic Income Giving Campaign. Our Collective Action to Become Resilient”. The fund that was built upon citizens’ caring hearts for the community and neighbors by giving back the disaster relief fund, will help underprivileged families and small business owners who were severely hit by COVID-19. This campaign is listed as an exemplary case of leveraging the Emergency Disaster Relief Fund given to all citizens to grow the community fund.
☞ Campaign period: Feb. 24-Aug. 31, 2020
☞ Funds raised: (As of May 31) KRW 1,184,546,000 (approx. USD 979,773)
☞ Allocation Direction and plan
As disaster basic income is a mixture of welfare and economic policy, allocation of the funds raised will be in line with its intent. In other words, the funds will be used to support small business owners and unemployed people who can create a virtuous cycle of welfare and economy, and will take the form of local currencies.
- to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support those affected
- to support social welfare organizations in their disinfection and quarantine control efforts
- to provide personal hygiene products for vulnerable groups
- to provide ready-to-cook meals for those in danger of malnourishment
- to support small business owners and unemployed people affected by COVID-19
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Some 40 executives, employees and families of the Gyeonggi Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities joined the campaign (Apr. 22, 2020).
How to Join Community Chest of Gyeonggi Campaign
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 ※ A page on the website of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government to apply for the disaster basic income

Your application has been submitted.

 [Information on donating disaster basic income] If you donate your disaster basic income, the money will be used to help small business owners and others affected by COVID-19 in your area. If you are interested, please contact the Community Chest of Korea Gyeonggi Branch. (Phone: +82-31-220-7931)

[Click to learn more]

☞ Upon completion of this application for disaster basic income on the website of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, information on donation will appear. If the user clicks on the “Click to learn more” button underneath, he/she will be directed to CCK’s website, where the donation can be made.
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Campaign to Share Gyeonggi Disaster Basic Income

“Donate Your Basic Income, Our Practice for #OvercomeTogether”

What is CCK’s “#OvercomeTogether_Gyeonggi” Project?

- A campaign encouraging the residents of Gyeonggi Province to donate their disaster basic income for those in greater difficulty. It aims to provide support for families in crisis who lack access to welfare services and small business owners hit hard by COVID-19.

How to participate

- You can make a donation by transferring money to our account (NH Bank 301-0196-6741-71, account holder: CCK Gyeonggi Branch) or clicking “Donate” button below and filling out the application. We can #OvercomeTogether!

Detailed information on the donation

- Disaster basic income is provided in the form of local currency, and the donation will be made separately from the income provided by the government. Receivers must spend the provided income in their area of residence within three months from the date of approval for use. Value will automatically fall to zero for any income not spent within the time limit.

※ Gyeonggi Disaster Basic Income

Gyeonggi is the first local government to provide disaster basic income to all residents, while other local governments have proposed targeting low-income citizens.