Greetings from the Chairman
용감하게 싸우는 대한민국
Dear Mr. Brian Gallagher and United Way network colleagues who are fighting against COVID-19, 
I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy in this unprecedented time.
The pandemic has triggered a series of social crisis and economic difficulties, and the philanthropic sector is facing challenges in securing resources for the ongoing community work. Nonprofits around the world are agonizing over operational sustainability. 
Community Chest of Korea (CCK) is committed to support small businesses, self-employed and medical workers through ‘#Let’s Rise, Republic of Korea' Campaign. At the same time, we are preparing our response to the ‘New Normal’ in the post COVID-19 era. 
To all of us going through difficult times, the coronavirus pandemic is sending us a message that we should continue to learn from and connect with each other. As a result, following our previous webzine, we are publishing “Webzine CCK Vol. 2” to share our COVID-19 story including the shift from immediate response to community recovery and rebuilding plans.  
In the past four months, CCK has raised the largest amount of disaster relief fund through COVID-19. This was possible because of the emergency response system CCK established with our 17 branches, and our close partnership with the government and private sectors. We are able to fill the gap in the social safety net in the face of the crisis, and win the public’s trust as we promptly distributed funds with transparent reporting. 
In addition, we decided to support three Southeast Asian countries – Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam which are still working through the coronavirus pandemic. This is the result of the long-term partnership between UWW and CCK, joining ASEAN's decision to address food security first.  We all have raised desperately needed money, distributed it quickly, and demonstrated our value to our local communities in the time of COVID-19. All of our work help restore the daily lives of the people and the community to recover from the crisis. Our response activities are acting as a “COVID-19 social vaccine”, giving communities resilience and strength to fight against this virus.
Lastly, I would like to express my sincere respect to UWW and all the Local United Ways for your best efforts to overcome COVID-19 crisis.

Jong-Suk Ye
Chairman, Community Chest of Korea